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farmers market fun… September 30, 2008

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i'm a little eggplant?portland farmers marketportland farmers market


portland funniness…

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We have a local video rental place called Movie Madness. This is one of their categories:
movie madness video section
It just made me laugh…


what happens in pendleton…

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Just sharing a picture from this year’s Pendleton Round Up! Much fun had, new friends made and old ones met!

pendleton round up


just some neat things i found catching up on blogs… August 6, 2008

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Around Clock by Anthony Dickens for Lexon (neat idea)


Bedol’s Water Powered Clock (interesting…)


Bubble Calendar (’cause everyone loves to pop the bubble wrap!)


(Just had to share these, reminds me of the one summer I spent at day camp. Lanyards were so “excellent”!)


Nesting from Morph (just love the colors!)


Frank Ghery door handle for Valli & Valli (will this man leave any product untouched by his style? not that I am complaining…)

what cool things you’ve found recently?


wired… August 5, 2008

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This one is quick. All I have to say is I LOVE MY iPHONE!!!!!
Yes, I am now completely connected! Web, email, phone, music, I’ve got it all!
I am not by any means a gadget aficionado so don’t ask me any technical questions about why I love this thing. All I know is it is easy to use and does everything I need it to do.
Here is my first picture with the camera:
Isn’t he cute?!!! Actually I am much more apt to whip out the thing to take a picture since it all just syncs with my mac and I can send them so easily. They won’t win any contests but it does the trick for capturing a moment!

Only thing, I don’t think I am hip enough for it! 🙂


a good weekend…

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I am trying to concentrate on the positive this evening and thought I would write and encourage you all to spend time (walking) in your local community and go to your local farmer’s markets! Also to share these ties with good friends!

Last Wednesday a dear friend and I got together for an afternoon drink at our neighborhood farmer’s market. It is small but everyone is so friendly. We found a new local coffee roaster and a young woman who makes bagels in her kitchen. That latter is a big deal. Hubby bought some a couple weeks ago and let me tell you, they are the closest to NY style bagels I have found out west! I had to buy a couple and they were fabulous!

And to start off a great weekend, Hubby and I walked to one of our neighborhood pizza joints (not great but we have very high east coast pizza standards!), then on to our neighborhood gelato place (YUM!). Everyone was out and enjoying dinner or a stroll and the terrific summer weather.

Saturday morning dawned cloudy but in the PNW, that is by no means a deterrent! After running an errand, we headed to the much larger farmer’s market downtown. It was packed! Everyone buying berries and produce among other fresh organic products. Here is our bounty:
farmer's market
We are especially enamored of beets these days and check out the yellow carrots! Apparently hubby says that is their original color and the Dutch figured out how to make them orange. However, I have seen purple and white ones too. Sounds like something to research… The beets (grilled) were a hit with our dinner friends that evening!

We had brunch on Sunday with some other friends and toured some open houses with them very close to our neighborhood. We hope to have them within walking distance within the next few months so we can share more of our neighborhood’s charm with them!

Dinner was another feast from our other friends’ trip to the farmer’s market. Green beans, potatoes and lettuce from their own garden! Oh, and berries for dessert!

All in all a great weekend, filled with great conversations, fabulous food and wonderful friends! So much to be thankful for!


police, take 3! July 15, 2008

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I am still riding the rush of the abso-fab Police Concert we attended last Friday!

It’s been a wild ride over the past, basically two years, of figuring out the fan club, who’s buying what tickets to which concert and what to do with extra tickets. From the fist show in Vancouver BC (a great mini vaca with friends J and D), to the next show in Seattle WA (with really decent seats where we had room enough to shake our groove thing) and finally the show here in nearby WA, our experiences have gotten better and better each show!

Hubby got THE MOST increadible seats we have ever purchased (19th row center) and an express parking pass (it took maybe all of a half hour to get out!) for this latest show. I can’t even begin to describe how cool it was to be so close to the band! And they totally rocked! There was the prevailing PNW openess in the crowd, striking up conversations in line for beer (some guy thought I was all of 19 which I will treasure as I approach my next birthday!), politely getting to their seats if they had to pass and in general being their happy selves.

We took along hubby’s dad (who was alread coming to do some fly fishing and also it was his birthday gift) and my now ex boss (who LOVES music of all sorts, especially live and also I wanted to show him my extreme gratitude for all he has taught me). A good time was had by all!