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walking pictures… December 13, 2008

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So, after I hurt my car in the little fender bender (and had a few other little problems driving the car before I could take it in for the repairs), I began commuting on the bus and streetcar. It has already changed my life for the better!
I get up around the same time as I did before, walk with my coffee to catch the bus just 3 blocks away, ride to the post office (part of the job), hop on the streetcar and then walk about a half mile to the office. The bus stop to go home is right outside the office building.
While none of this is the point of my post, I am happy about at least getting a teeny tiny bit of exercise!
The point is that I thought I would share some photos of the sights I see now that I am walking more around town and in the neighborhood. Just things that catch my eye. So here are a couple from the past few weeks…

A vegetarian in a front yard (on our street)…

Prehistoric Yard Decor

Fungi eye view (on our street)…


Seriously, is this enough time?…

Smart Meter

Tram structure and hospital on the hill. Really is the loveliest way to go to a hospital…

Portland Tram and OHSU

That’s it for now!


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