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just some neat things i found catching up on blogs… August 6, 2008

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Around Clock by Anthony Dickens for Lexon (neat idea)


Bedol’s Water Powered Clock (interesting…)


Bubble Calendar (’cause everyone loves to pop the bubble wrap!)


(Just had to share these, reminds me of the one summer I spent at day camp. Lanyards were so “excellent”!)


Nesting from Morph (just love the colors!)


Frank Ghery door handle for Valli & Valli (will this man leave any product untouched by his style? not that I am complaining…)

what cool things you’ve found recently?


2 Responses to “just some neat things i found catching up on blogs…”

  1. Marci Says:

    What about the FitBit? Doesn’t that deserve to make it into a post? I for one am already obsessed with it;-)

  2. grafimon Says:

    Very nice post!
    If you are interested I can give you my website direction because we sell products and much more from Lexon Brand.
    Best regards,

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